PwC’s Year End Solutions team provide technology solutions and outsourced services to assist businesses with their year end financial reporting and tax compliance obligations.

We’ll work with you to understand your needs and offer the best fit solutions for financial reporting and tax reporting obligations. We’ll then help you to integrate these solutions into your business processes to achieve a smooth, hassle free and efficient year end.

How we’ll work with you

Whether you choose technology solutions or outsource support for your year end process, first we’ll sit down, listen and seek to understand your needs. We’ll then co-create a delivery solution that complements your team’s capabilities and technical knowledge.

Our range of solutions are relevant to a broad range of New Zealand businesses from high-growth private companies to listed organisations.

Implement technology solutions suited to your business needs.

Automate the flow information from your systems.

With increased efficiency and integrity.

Compliant and tailored financial statement and tax reporting.

What are the benefits of using Year End Solutions?

By combining your accounting and tax year end processes, you can complete the two processes consecutively, saving both time and money. No more tax returns completed 12+ months after year end.

Integrity and quality control
You can easily make adjustments without affecting the integrity of your data, and you also have an audit trail of adjustments to the underlying data.

Technical knowledge
We can supplement your team’s existing technical knowledge or we can provide all of the technical expertise, leaving your team to focus on your day to day business.

Reduce costs
We use a combination of technology and offshoring capability to lower costs and optimise efficiency.

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