Intelligent automation using machine learning

Take the hassle out of reviewing and making data classification using PwC’s latest machine learning technology.

Pressure is on tax payers to improve manual processes using intelligent automation. Join the growing number of companies using PwC’s market leading machine learning tool Swift to reduce burdensome tasks associated with classifying data for financial reporting and taxation purposes.

What is artificial intelligence and how does it apply to tax?

The public perception seems to derive from science fiction movie depictions. Real AI – the kind that makes life better – has arrived in the tax function, with many usable tax applications beginning to emerge from both academic research and professional service firms.

What are the benefits of using Swift?

Easy to install and compatible with virtually any ERP system.

Reduce the risk of classification errors which can lead to penalties, interest charges or overpayments of tax.

Eliminate time-consuming tasks through process automation.

Continuous improvement in processing times and accuracy using machine learning algorithms.

Solution owned by and fully supported by PwC technology and tax specialists.

Cloud or on-premise implementations available to suit your needs and IT policies.

Ability to easily upload classification results back into your ERP system.

Make Swift your own with optional customisation and dedicated reports.

More efficient processes, saving time which can be better used for true value add activities rather than manually reviewing data sets.

More reliable than human processes.

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