Digital operations is a proven approach to improving customer experience

Customers’ expectations of businesses are being transformed towards real-time, seamless service. At the same time, businesses are facing low-growth environments and declining benefits from maturing traditional operational strategies. Are the speed and cost benefits of Robotic Process Automation the next game changer for New Zealand businesses?

Debunking the concept of Robotic Process Automation

Using software robots that are easy to configure, require little IT expertise and that are simple to train and deploy, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) speeds up processing and reduces error rates by automating manual tasks.

RPA differs from traditional software by working at the user interface level, replicating the exact actions a human user would take and creating, in effect, digital operations.

Why RPA?

RPA is part of the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ because of the dramatic improvements it makes on operations processes:

Runs at ~33% of the cost of an offshore resource and ~10% of an onshore resource.

Reduces process time by up to 90%.

Reduces error rate to almost nil.


Strengthens risk and control management.


Improves customer advocacy, revenue and retention.

Frees up personnel to provide personalised services and manage unstructured data.

RPA software is a non-intrusive technology that doesn’t require integration like ERP systems and BPM.


How can PwC help?

PwC can assist you across through all stages of your RPA journey, including:

Ensuring that RPA is incorporated into your strategy and aligned to key elements including operating model, IT, workforce and risk.

Opportunity assessment

Considering benefits beyond simple cost reduction. Understanding how RPA can benefit customer experience, revenue growth, risk mitigation and operational agility.


Extending our support to managed service options for RPA.

Bringing a range of RPA-specific lessons, including:

  • Governance models
  • Agile work practices
  • Integrating process, risk and customer experience into RPA design
  • Automation Centre of Excellence delivery

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