Take the hassle out of year-end and have integrity in your financial statements

PwC’s ValueFinancials integrates with your general ledger to capture and classify the information you need to prepare your financial statements. Its automation features improve efficiency and quality of the financial statements and reduces manual workload.

ValueFinancials provides integrity to your financial statements by providing a transparent link to the trial balance with an audit trail and ability to ‘drill down’ to any journal adjustments.

ValueFinancials is based on best practice financial statements so you can feel comfortable knowing your financial statements are future proofed as ValueFinancials provides regular updates for changes in accounting standards.

And because you are working with PwC, you can trust that you will have ready access to our dedicated ValueFinancials team who will provide you with outstanding support and, if required, seamless access to a market leading technical accounting team.

All this means you can take the hassle out of year-end and have integrity in your numbers.

ValueFinancials helps you to

Import data from almost any general ledger.


Capture information external to the general ledger for disclosure.


Perform a consolidation of individual entities or prepare consolidated financial statements from your own consolidation system


Post adjusting, reclassifying and elimination journals, and integrate these back to your general ledger.


Prepare supporting workpapers to the financial statements such as lead schedules.


Select and modify, where appropriate, the required disclosure for your financial statements.


What are the benefits?


  • Reduced costs
  • Robust consolidation tool
  • Library of disclosure options
  • Updates for changes to accounting standards
  • Automatic roll forward
  • Automatic rounding
  • Automatic cross referencing
  • Automatic note numbering and page numbering

Quality control

  • Control over-rides of formula and text
  • Inbuilt cross-checking of related balances and reconciliation tables
  • Based on best practice financial statements
  • Flexibility to customise presentation



  • Audit trails of adjustments to the underlying data
  • Supporting lead schedules
  • Consistent reporting across the group
  • Capture key information once
  • Imports directly from General Ledger

What will it cost?

ValueFinancials starts from $5,000 per year.

Get in touch to discuss your business needs and find out more about how ValueFinancials can take the hassle out of your year-end financial statements.

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