MyTax Strategy is PwC’s digitally enabled and interactive approach to help organisations determine where their tax capability currently sits and where they want to be.

The methodology and software enablement helps any organisation either verify or improve their approach to tax risk management.

MyTax Strategy recognises one size doesn’t fit all and leads any organisation in a practical way towards managing the tax risk needs of their organisation. It makes tangible what before seemed like academic theory.

How we’ll work with you

Identify key stakeholders in the organisation who should participate in the collaborative process.

Hold a collaborative workshop to assess the current and desired state of your tax function.

Report and recommend
Provide a report on the gap between your organisation’s current and desired levels, summarising themes and providing practical recommendations on how to improve your tax management.

Post MyTax Strategy assistance
If required we can assist you in developing your tax strategy and operating model towards the desired state.

What are the benefits of using MyTax Strategy?

End-to-end tax risk management approach.

Turns academic theory to practical reality.

Methodology suited to New Zealand’s tax environment.

Facilitates informative benchmarking with peers.

Takes entire tax function and tax types into account.

Helps communication to internal and external stakeholders.

Supported by PwC’s global network.

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